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IFS FOOD Course Description

IFS Food is a standard for auditing food safety and quality of processes and products of food manufacturers. The standard has been in existence since 2003 and is current operating its sixth version. Over 11,000 certificates in 90 different countries were issued in 2011.

IFS Management has 5 regional offices worldwide, coordinates technical working groups in different languages (German, French, North American, Spanish and Italian) with different stakeholders (retailers, industry, certification bodies and food services) and relies on a continuous improvement process of IFS standards, database and Integrity Program among others.

Course Overview

Aims & Objectives

  • Penilaian terhadap aktivitas proses & produk, aspek keamanan, legalitas, mutu & persyaratan customer
  • IFS Standard memungkinkan pengurangan cost audit berulang, support manajemen perusahaan dengan report seragam & database yang mudah dimengerti
  • Memenuhi lebih dari keamanan produk & ekspektasi customer

Learning Outcome

  • Memahami perubahan pada IFS Food, versi 7
  • Memahami persyaratan-persyaratan yang berlaku
  • Memahami struktur-struktur yang ada dalam IFS versi 7
  • Memahami dan mampu melakukan Audit IFS Food

Who Should Attend

  • Staff Quality Assurance
  • Quality management representatives
  • Interested experts from the food industry


  • The requirements of IFS Food, version 7
  • The KO requirements of IFS Food, version 7
  • Changes in IFS Food 7
  • Practical examples
  • Guidelines for the certification
  • IFS Database and IFS auditXpress


Teaching Methods

  • Detail materi seminar (bisa didownload)
  • Istilah dan Definisi
  • Jumlah slide : 143

Study time allocation

Efektif belajar mandiri : 8 Jam 

Jam kontak trainer : Office Hours (08.00-17.00)

Course Content